Play Your Part Lyrics

Verse 1: Issa Dash]
Listen, n***** ain't really bout s***
On the block, hustle till the n**** get rich
Third eye sharp, n**** blame it on the piff
s***, nah n**** but we got it like that
Keep ya Reggie Bush, only smoke loud pack
The s*** hit hard, better not c***f that
n****, this is known to heal cataracts
Ugh, and a n**** like me
On my God s***, n**** know my steeze
Low in the spots, pockets never on E
But she on E if she 'round me while I'm floating
In an ocean of the most potent grown s***
And I'm focused off this m****f***in bong rips
They get me high, that's some fly s***
Angel n****, how the f*** you 'gon stop this

I'm rolling up on that Indo
Getting high, n**** off my weedsmoke
Elevated, n***** know how we roll
If you ain't with the light get steamrolled
Nowwww, my third eye sharp
f****** with the gods, better play your part
You on the other side and you won't get far
Leave a b**** a** n**** stuck back in the dark
Whoa, you stuck in the dark n****
UA go hard n****
Better play your part n****, or you won't get far
Started from the bottom, we was swimming with the fishes
Now we the New York skyline flying with the pigeons
And I walk with the light, so I think a little different
You can get top floored in a New York minute

[Verse 2: Ak]
Elevating, partake with the greats my n****
UA save the day, no cape my n****
Ugh, respect to the gods that be living up
n**** this life is a gift, hold your ribbons up
Cause that n**** never wait bruh
Free your mind, levitate like an angel
Dream free that's the m****f***in key
Look at me, skeet skeet in her guts, she's dangerous
Beastcoast hit 'em up with the light-work, get 'em up
Middle fingers up this is our earth, one love
One life n****, put in work like tha cuz
Do it for the light though heaven waits up above
Gold soul n**** you can't fake this
UA n****, your b**** favorite
She over here cause you n***** so basic
Kick back pop a tab, don't waste it
Since birth shown signs of the indigo
Had to obtain hidden gold in my inner soul
Heavy weed smoke, switching flows like I'm on a boat
Ugh, mixtape gon' restore the globe
Bring faith to a hundred soul(s)
Beastcoast n***** on a roll
Silver haze keeps the homies ghost
Been this way since a zygote, I float
Into astral plains and you fly low
Live the life everyday evil free, I'm blessed
With these wack rappers I can have a feast and digest
Had a dream it would happen now my acid manifest
No stress, nor regrets go hard til I rest, ugh
These n***** ain't really bout s***
Like to imitate but can't recreate
What your life bout, that greed and hatred?
Knock your lights out with ease, UA b****
[Verse 3: Issa Dash]
Ugh, n***** ain't really bout s***
Pop three tabs, smoke a m****f***in blunt
Yeah you I'm tryna get ripped
Tryna bring knowledge to this m************ b****
On my elevated third eye s***
Bet you ain't think a conscious m***********
Could ever make it sound like this
I read secret teachings and now my brain grow
Don't be spreading lies, my n***** and I know
We started from the bottom, we headed to the top though
And stop us , we control the whole s*** like maestros
Now elevated b****** they waiting by my shows
And dumb m****f***ers that know me, where I go
But I greet em with a smile like "hey, what up bro"
Cause I know the dumb n**** respected my flow
UA, UA b**** n**** get it right when you see my kings
You hate, we great
Only seeking out m*****f***** championship rings
We make, new lanes paved the way for you dumb m***********s in sin
We safe, you ain't
You dumb m***********s ain't never gon win, ugh
Use the same styles you n***** recycle
Some dumb m***********s in disguise but I know
They screaming Beastcoast in every city that I go
I see ya in the crowd my n**** you're not low
I f*** with queen b******, they f***** with ya'll hoes
She f***** with the Gods, she addicted to my glow
The s*** is guaranteed and maybe if we blow
So peep UA steeze my n**** and take notes

n***** ain't really bout s*** (bout s***)
Nah, nah, nah, nah
n***** ain't really bout s*** (bout s***)
Nah, n***** ain't really bout s*** (n***** ain't bout s***)
n***** ain't really bout, nah, nah (x2)
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