The Indiscriminate Lyrics

Witness to a vast reflection
Planeswalking on legs of eons
Into the depths of twilight
Unseater in celestial coups
Under a banner we all stand united
United in senescence
In righteousness in fragility
Resurrecting the inert ascension
A diaspora of complexity
This cold incalculable
Watches on in abject fear
The audacity of the sentient
To claim preeminence in this realm
A speck in the expanse
Broken before a frozen god
The ink black birth spawn
Contradicts the contradiction
Despite a universe of endless potential
All ressources have already been spent
The indiscriminate forces that surround us
Revolt in unison against continued life
A mockery of providence
There has never been a deeper meaning
We exist as aberrrations
Amidst black seas of infinity
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