Finite Lyrics

Born into the world, finite bliss
Cell redundancy, senescence
Self preservation, mortal coil
Revert all mortality, deaths abyss
Conversant to ending, dying, ceasing of existance
Morbid virtue, facing, negation

Extrinsic factors, exhaustion
Genetic cross links, program death
Life's compensations at an end
Natural selection, thin the herd
Come to terms with dying, lying, deep within the Earth
This horrid virtue, facing, mortality

Evolving - Mutations infesting, excision of our being
Urgently - Instantly
Surfacing - Process to self destruct within our own body
Mysteries - Restraining
Curse your fate - Seeking to find a way, constant anxiety
Endless ways - We can die
Grasp dismay - The end is creeping up on us all everyday
Gravitate - To our deaths
Moribund - Senescence
Moribund - Extremis
Moribund - Senescence
Moribund - Come to death
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