The Beyond Within Lyrics

The beyond within all our minds
Is ruling our, souls eternally
Unable to interpret the, ways we all think
Psychosis in humanity
Will not abate, while we still exist
Unable to interpret the reasons we live
Intervals of coherent thought die everyday
The beyond within.
Brains evolving through time, die
Then are reborn, melt into one, one mind
Intuition breeds, seeds
That infiltrated, minds still alive, survive.
Born of intrinsic might, instinct far beyond our sight
Fighting the eternal fight one thought
Intrude other mindless souls
Trespassing between the mold
Internal resistance bold depress
Wandering lost in the winds
Some thoughts will never begin
Interrupt progress again obtuse, obscured.

Intricate patterns, of thought and pain, evolve our ways
Fascinate our minds, with life and death, throughout our days
Merely existing, through change and, influence through time
Brilliant ignorance, and blindness, thoughts, in skewered lines.
The beyond within our whole human being, unmeasured
See beyond your own mind now revealing our insight
The beyond within beyond all seeing plunged in you
The beyond within the beyond within comes to life.
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