The Appalling Lyrics

Panicked shock, the blood, in everywhere, terrified
War goes on, the fear, it builds in you, far from home
Friends all dead, your last, your defeated, upheaval
Enemies, they come, and execute your whole family
Scorned summarily, shattered dignity, on the Earth you bleed
Cold barbarity, the depravity, breathless infamy
Appalled endlessly, untold cruelty, horrid destiny

Terrorized, terminate, robbed of life
Refusing, all mercy, reek of death
Massacre, vultures come, eat your flesh
World conquered, iron fist, rapes your land
Body parts, piled high, set aflame
Children maimed, dismembered, left enslaved
Women raped, impregnate, evil breed
Newborns drowned, smothering, all future
Reform, regenerate, Your world unrecognized
Conquered by - The appalling
Void of pride - The appalling
Intrude, foreign doctrines, brutal occupation
Refined devastation, cryptic obedience
Conquered by - The appalling
Void of pride - The appalling
Censored crimes - The appalling
Conquered blind
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