Sociocide Lyrics

[Music by: Appelhanz, Turner]

Individual characteristics, fatal birthing right, overpopulate
Inefficiency leads to misery, human circumstance
Deadly consequence
World we dominate, mass obliterate
Inhumanity breeds unconsciously, cosmic injury, Earth deformity,
World survival rate, man's uncertainty
Why can't you foresee it? Our future to be
Escape, it's too late, destiny, certainty, tragedy!

Counter measuring this atrocity, unintentional hell-bent accident
Biological life dysfunctional, mental stimulant, unintelligence
Man's diversity, disharmonious, past calamities unforgettable
h***sapiens inability, uninhabited man monstrosity

Set ourselves up for this, we reap what we sow
What more will you rape? How much will you kill?

Earth is bleeding
Pain, resurrecting truth, extinguishing love, domineering facts
We are truly f*****, nothing we can do, cataclysm time
Decimating time, indivisible time is steadfast change
Systematic change, periodic change, evolution
Screams and cries, planet dies, answers none, it's our fault
The way to hell is.....RIGHT HERE!!!

Ignore the truth, our fate, and let it be known
Helpless creatures are doomed to be extinct
Harbor our thoughts, our fears inside of ourselves
Unsure, oppressed, all right before our eyes
In time, ancient ruins will start to unfold
Shed light, gives clues, why nothing could survive
Demise awakes, steps forth, spits flames from it's mouth
Intent, destroy 'til nothing is alive
Mortal earth shell entombed, searing fire burning
Giving lifeless silence, pure everlasting death, true death
Desolate wasteland, hypocrisy
Plague the whole world with despair
Life is truly uncertain, death, true death
Unearthly abcess exploding, lazy in absurd denial
Massive adherent destruction

Death, absent-minded death, aggravated foolishly
Pain, adolescent death, agonizing atrophy
Life, visualizing hope, unrelenting mystery
Truth, resurrecting truth, reoccurring sanity, agony


Our own fate, uncontrollable mass hysteria
Illegitimate lack of reasoning, undeniably irresponsible
Uninhabited final resting place
Question answering life or death, we will see
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