Evolution of Extinction Lyrics

Reduction in Planetary Bio Diversity

Self Awareness Self Perseverance Biological Warfare
Deteriorating Homeostasis Ecological Threshold Crossed
Revenge of Gaia Maintains Earth's Necessary Path
Existence of Humanity
Evolution of Extinction

Infinity Contained Universally Dictation Unmercifully
Without End Uncontrollably Releasing Eternity
Constantly By Design Creating Density
All Consuming Gravity (NOTE: Lyrics are"Inescapable Gravity", but this is
what the lyrics read)
Enclosure of Light
Global Catastrophes Natural Cleansing
Of our Manufactured Impurities
Once Again
Planetary Survival must depend
On the Extinction of Man

Existence of our species ends
Bred to take more than it gives BLEED DRY ALL LIFE
Eradication of Mankind
Planetary Genocide on all Human Life

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