Designed to Expire Lyrics

Hatred swelling deep within the souls of all today
I commend it, I condone it, raging to a head
Festering the anger can not be put down to rest
It still needs
It still breeds
It still waits to feed
Rotting core
Dead before
Searching, wanting more
Now it's here
The nadir
Fills with all our fear
Death's reasons
Coiled eternally around the necks of men
Sent to die
Infinite warfare despairing the destiny
Of our lives
Forced into battles with no answers no reasons
Just to die
Preparing mentally dwelling in misery
Only to die
I spit forth derision to all the prophets of man
Only knowing the questions to why we live in sewers
The war of al wars is coming, soon we'll all be dead
Now deep in our core, just like before, facing death
Destined to die
Fear trembles within, history begins, coming doom.
Hardens the heart
Infliction of pain, casualties raise, bodies are
Strewn everywhere
Now it is your turn, not to return, knowing you're
Destined to die.
Poising for, the blinding attack
The time to see, just how we will die
History, written in advance
The time has come, your hopeless to stop
Your fears dissolve, accepting your fate
Accepting the fact, your destined to die.
Seething, bleeding, tearing - into insanity
Fearless, reeling - pleading to die
Flesh is, peeling - fleeing - into mortality
Blindly, crying - take your own life
Seething, bleeding, tearing - into insanity
Fearless, reeling- begging to die
Flesh is, peeling - fleeing - into mortality
Crying, blindly - take your own life
We can't stop the end that we are all destined to see
There is no light in the darkness that has come to be
Forgive us for our trespasses for we will now sin.
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