Motor Discipline Lyrics

This is the night of testimonial
The 10 commandments of the V12 engine
We praise the party ceremonial - we start the fire
Ant the steel starts bending - now
Gentlemen, start your engines...
Ready - set (break out now!) 3, 2, 1 - go!
Feed my motor - powerloader - can't be sober - motor discipline
Fuel on fire - burning tires - I'm ignited - motor discipline
I can feel the heat that's on my back tonight
I ride the monster and the breaks are broken
Put the pedal down to make it right
I'm escaping Hades when the gates wide open
Opponents, prepare for round two
Ready - set (break out now!) 3, 2, 1 - go!
Breakout - heat - full throttle now
Running on - bring the evil to rise
Shortcuts - in rush - high octane
Second to none - let the temperature rise

I think I'm running faster - believe there's no one after - I think I'm gonna make it - motor discipline
One with the burning tires - the asphalt is on fire - tonight you're gonna face the - motor discipline
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