Still Shinin' Lyrics

We shot the m*********** pack, yo
Yo, to all my n***** uncivilized to civilized
We cook the shake move the weight across the tri-state
Them jooks n***** bring the shook up out the crook type
Special deliver Son it shines through your act bigger
My Infamous Mobb get on they job
The truth gets revealed like you W. Fard
Some sheisty New York n*****, thirsty for chedda
You shinin', you get your jewels taken with your Hil' sweater
Keepin this rap fans like crack fiends
Until we re-up, and put more Infamous up on the rap scene
Mix the c**e rhymes in greases like baking soda
Albums of G-packs sellin cross far waters
My Mobb pits is like dime bricks
Satisfaction, guaranteed real s***
Rapper Noyd, we meet you at the top kid
And once we all on top, ain't no stoppin it
I'm headstrong, at peace with myself like Islam
You stupid, a hundred n***** form around me
Like forcefield pull out and use gun like shield
The crew is worldwide, to think we started from the Hill
Beware, of quiet n***** layin in the cut (for what?)
Patiently watchin waitin for a come up
Get your spot took, we rob land like white man
Plans to overthrow your whole s*** by shaking your hand

[Chorus: (together)]

Up the ladder of success with tecs we build and destroy
Still shinin', still climbin
Up the ladder of success with tecs we build and destroy
Still shinin', still climbin
Still shinin', still climbin, check this out Son
Nine six to the m*********** year two G
The Mobb got it locked with the Master keys
Word life combination to the safe it's on
Get that loot m*********** spread love well you warned
The forty-first got the heat, for them n***** that thirst
Yes devine nine shine put that a** in line
Regulate, I'm only here just to take what's mine
Must hit combine, dangerous minds Dunn bust the outline
A half a man generatin grands
Kid you know how I go only f*** with fam
That's why you're lookin from the outside in, wonderin
How we bubblin, hustlin, break you days in
Grimy m************, gettin info from your baby's mother
Got her pillow talkin while that a** was sleepwalkin
So all that bullshit you did, I know where you live
You better be on point when you walk in the rest
Your broke a** probably don't got a vest
So I suggest change your location is best
Because I'm comin through army fatigue dressed
Blessed with hollow tips yes, to burn through your dirty a** Guess
Yes, still shinin', still climbin
Hey yo, yo Tommy, word break the f*** off what is you tryin?
His f***** a** cats'll get capped for even tryin
You tried to confront me, but only faced iron
From holes to your shirt like Jamaican clothes
f*** the miss, the science of numbers is how I live
If we ain't gettin mathetmatics somethin got to give
Broke for your f***** life with nowhere to live
Is no way to live, resort to Plan B
Start to stickin, strong-arm robbery and ice pickin
It's sneak vickin, it's cold outside I think it's
Past time for me to grab the clapper and take mine
You follow what I'm sayin it's like leadin the blind
Tryin to voice a clear picture of this life of crime
You slow learners'll understand in due time
Up the ladder of success with tecs, we tryin to eat
And put that fly s*** on my back, and bless my feet
With some new and improved, spectate or make a move
Hesitate or regulate it's on you
Crime n**** yo

[Chorus 2X]

Nine six m***********
The Infamous
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