More Trife Life Lyrics

Yeah she'll take you out too kid.

A rainy day laid up thinkin
Sitting gettin bent

Watchin old seventy flicks

Minds on the slouch

Back on the couch

Heard the phone ring

It was a shorty from uptown I met back day.

Long time no hear from

No doubt long time no see

I heard you had a seed a baby girl and now she 3.

What's up wit that cat

You know who your baby pops

Slung rocks up top then heard he got knocked

He home

f*** dat n**** I'm on my own

Matter fact got my own crib

Plus I'm all alone


The b**** is bad

Chill son she got me tempted

Reminiscing the fatty

Jumped in the ride I rented

Rest Tims

Mecca dice well presented

Sippin E & J straight

Was bent when I entered

Gave her a hug

Stared her straight into her mug

She ain't she's a bithch back then and now its bugged

Turned the VCR on

Friday, my favorite flick

Its hard for me to drink Alize I take a sip

Got into convo, How you been over the years?

Neglected, stressed out, and living in fear
Whatchu mean, I thought you left that cat which was true

I'm not talkin about him

Another dude

Been wit him for a year and had a baby by him -- Word?

Matter fact you saw him, downstairs you walked by him

Now thinks its a setup

Could it be or maybe not.

She said don't sweat it he don't got the top lock

Tried to play it cool. But in my head shorties wildin

Using me to get the next n**** jealous called up the fellas.

Ty Nitty line was busy so I beeped Gotti, Gotti was

With Trip and two other grimees, The Twinz

Let me begin then explain

I'm at this b**** crib and I think she got me framed

Stuck without a gat

Now prepare for combat,

Gave the address, told my son there's more cats be here in a second

Big gats no half steppin

They flippin on me talkin bout I never learn my lesson

I laughed an additional hit them with the math

Hung up the jack, While shorty soaked in the bath.

Played the living room.
Dozed off for a second.

When I woke up shorty was standing a** naked.

Make moves stepped to the room.

All this bullshit p**** better be good

Through off my champion hood

Slow motion

All arm bent off the potion

Shorty went down and had a n**** wide open

It was over Laid up in the cut

I heard a thump

Jumped up threw on my boxers

Yo, What the f***?

All of a sudden

I saw this black m*********** with this big a** gat and two other


Black masks, Clutching duct tape no escape

Tied me up, smacked me all in my face

Shorty wasn't even screamin

Looked up saw 'em schemin

"Yeah, yeah, we got this n**** now, we got this"

All bloodied up, shook the f*** up

Held for ransom, they yelled, smiled and started dancin

Let them know they had me hostage

Threw me on the phone said son

Don't worry son we got this

Regardless of the outcome

All this bullshit

Take a n**** word

Don't never go see a b****, word
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