Cradle to the Grave Lyrics


Forever wild from the cradle to the grave

Kid watch your back one time it's comin always(Yeah!)

They lock me up for 12 days I can't comprehend

Now I'm a free man on the streets again

Chasin St.Ide's down with some Seagrams Gin

Life is like a dice game and I'm into win


On the scene from the 41st side of Queens

We get the CREAM laid up love love for dame

'cause I mean what I mean,I'm out to claim King

Doin my thing,do wild stakes my name'll reign


To all my peoples locked down comin back to life

In the world once again though ya fear was trife

While you was gone,we was goin to war and even more

Saw my man layin dead on the floor,kid I swore

That our crew will live forever,I guess I was wrong

No,until we meet again,hold ya head and stay strong(Yeah!)

Yo,got my mind on a place to hide from police(Where?)

Sweatin dogs as I'm runnin cross 12th Street

Just as I approach the block

I spot a jake on the creep down by Vick's weed spot(So what!)

Made a you-ey up the hill plus a change of plans

I had to hurry back so I could warn my man


Ya had me stressin little son,had my heart rapidly pumpin

n***** start a guttin behind the bushes duckin

My ears rung,I punch a clip into the guns

Got (?Raydes?) in the arm,one slug hit my son

He was bleedin from the head,I couldn't believe it

We was defeated,if it was a case I couldn't beat it

Felt like cryin(The temperature's risin)

I saw my man helpless,d*** near on the verge of dyin

So to P I passed the iron


Kid you ain't lyin!

I went to stash the murder weapon,plus I'm relyin
On a door to be open,goin in the building,it's a trap!

Police buckin at me,they try to twist my tongue back

Jetted up the staircase to the third floor

Reached behind the sink,throw the heater on the floor

Locked the door,police grabbed me up and tryed to break my jaw

"So where's the gun we saw?"(I don't know!)

"We know you was there at the homicide scene"(I know nuttin!)

"And if it wasn't you,was somebody from ya team"


From the cradle to the grave

(From the cradle to the grave)

REPEAT x 2 1/2

(Straight from the m*********** cradle to the grave!)



Yo,it's the real drama kills,nobody moves,stand still!

Bottle you!drop that a** off in a land-fill

Son bless me with the iron,I got beef

With some n***** from the other side over some weak s***

Load up the heaters,greet em with the hollow-tips

Flip em like the Gotti clip,my crew shift the body shift

The cradle to the grave is where I'll end up

f*** gettin sent up North,son I'm bett-er

Doin my dirt on a low

f***** wit them mobbers like a crowd
No doubt you gonna blow,you never know

He didn't even have to go there

Unprepared,now he's six below

why'know I'm chillin,I gots no time for catchin feelings

Get that money I wants,some brothers want to act funny

But it's all good I still die for the hood

For my peoples,yeah knock on wood


Triple L,rollin dice while I put you on

To the drama what I gotta say is short not long

This n**** that I'm beginning to dislike he got me fed

If he doesn't discontinue his bullshit he might be dead

Know him well and probably go way back

But I don't care if he's your man doin s*** like that

I hope the word gets back to him,'cause I screw him

He s****** on my man and we got plans to do him

Lets get it over with quick,I'm tired of waitin

Ain't no fair overhead there,we just debatin on when and how

Later on right now,spoke to Killa yesterday

He said to chill for a while

But it's hard acting like everything is alright

I get the chills when I see that n**** in my sight

A dead man walking,not only that he's still talkin(About what?)

About how what he did buried off and you don't know

How much I fiend to put his a** in a coffin

One day my man and the next he's not

Didn't know him long anyway so f*** it!

It's funny how things change(Word up!)



Word up man!

why'knowhatumsayin,we gonna die!

It's for real,kid,no games bein played
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