Animal Instinct Lyrics

[Intro: Havoc]

No doubt!
Yo, yo, y'know how we did on The Infamous album, right?
Aight, we gonna do it again son
Yo, laid up in the cut, watch these rap n***** f*** you up
Thick as shorty guts, get the men to set you up
It's the most trifle, 44th Side disciples
Take carnage for a weakness so I won't be so contour
n***** come with the "I gave you birth kid, I'm sellin you"
The Infamous got PC for days
We runnin thru townships, f***** s***
Kid, we down s***
Hustle mad bricks, Queensbridge no doubt, rub the clique
9-6 droppin wild on some Benz's
Some next s***, crash bar, ash the GOD
I remember when loadin up the gas, beat settlin
Ghetto peddlin the *?shaunder?*, shorty dead again
Songs about 'We all around the NC'
Cop the E series, jealous ones envy
Hate to see me but got the nerve to wanna be me
I bleach blonde em, you can't see like Ste-vie
I'm on TV, Vidbox and all that
Still in the Bridge, now what's f***** with that?

To all my Mobb crimey, money-hungry and grimy
Mobb sheisty, GOD follow three and Gotti
Rapper Noyd, tiemax and Ty Knitty
Scarface and Gambino, New York City
It's P live and direct, stab ya neck
Ice-pick bloodied up ya whole entire s***
Live s*** 1-9-9-6, ask your b****
My crew run wild, s***** chains and bracelets
Your time's wasted for figurin P
Was two sides of me, snake n***** obviously
You get lumped sometin horribly and then we calmly
Guzzle Sparmarlti and Don Perrignon-ly
Move the crowds over, cruise the f*** out
After GOD drinks had to shoot our f***** way out
Spark flyin n***** dyin, b****** cryin and shout
Mobb n***** to the exit, we out
[Ty Knitty]
9-6 load up the clips, the Infamous apocalypse
QBC on the L-I-E an sippin Hennessey
And Remy, V-S-O-P, Ty Knitty jiggy
Eyes forever c****y, up in the Mariott
Tonnes o' hydro, black tuxedo, lay low
The 5-0-migos, the gigolo, what n****?
A technique, official white meat
Internal bleedin he felt, heat then cold feet
QBC committee, Ty Knitty hit the safe
The Phillipino's have mad ice and gold plates
We escape, ain't no turnin back to Stat
Pushin back-to-back acts, gettin cheddar
Drug smugglin tri state, catchin faith
We don't hesitate, we regulate and evaluate, cut the cake!

[Chorus: repeat 2X]

My crew worthy, blood sweat and tears
And thirty years for years, start n***** and drink beers
Tired of livin life this way, crime pay
But for how long till you reach a downfall
Thug n***** surround y'all, 4 pound y'all
Animal instinct, these n***** gettin clapped on instinct
I'm tired of livin life this way, crime pay
But for how long till you reach a downfall

(n****) m***********!
Word up!
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