The Imposition Lyrics

Drenching blood will stain the world's symbols of victory
As you destroy we create!
The glorious banners break the lines of enemies again
Today the icons of destruction fall!
Shall all the armies burn the way
Win is the word
Victoriuos spirit will lead us in this this war against you

You will taste our shining blade that's falling
To wash the sins of abuse
Your intimation will become a dreadful terrible despair
The deadly order is declared!

Slave to the death
For another blind genocide that won't purify
Desolation of human race
Stand in front of your disgrace you fear our threaten
(You) can not implore to be saved
Sluring in sorrow grinding all who rise against
We march now toward the dead

Semper avarus eget et hostis humani generis est
Impunitas semper ad deteriora invitat
Parcere subiectis (et) debellare superbos
Ab uno disce omnis
Fiat iustitia et mundus pereat
Scorching blood of guilt is running through your rotten veins
As we dictate you'll obey!
A yell of falsity it's a prayer that will not be heard
Beware, a rain of fire burns!

Slave to the death
For another
Blind genocide that won't purify
Desolation of human race

Misconsceived nature will never lie
The delirium of human race
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