The Crimson Rose Lyrics

White rose, don't live in woe
Startlight won't return, but you will shine again
Three stars shinning in the night, on a white rose in the field
Starlight making love with a white rose, an erotic alchemy
White leaves shining bright curling to the sky, reaching euphoria
Romantic flora! Reaching euphoria!
But one night, starliht was gone, gone!
The rose cried, crying crimson tears
Stars laughed and screamed, you pathetic rose
Blood streamed down leaves, with the light he died
Ripped out my heart
Black I became
Black leaves (when I)
Ripped out my heart
Once I will shine
Once I will love, but never like before
Shine in the night, when lightning strikes!
Once I will shine in the dark night
Once I will love but never like before!
You three stars, you took my heart
b***** love on crimson leaves!
Love I condemn you to dead, to dead
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