Lost In Life Lyrics

am searching the place I long for,
the place that makes me feel drunk.
Traveling across the sea searching for that place,
thrown on your own mind you found your inner self!
Chorus: Searching to be searching, not knowing for what!
Searching to be searching, seeking what never will be found!

Thrown on land this quest continues,
Knee-deep in mud I cry out
"Where is the place I long for to be!"
Nobody hears me I do not exist in their world!

I am confused, land and sea!
Both despise me, eternally!
Never be happy, is my faith
Lost in live is what I am!
Lost in live!

Turning out to be in Tsjong King,
I amaze the Toe Tjsoen with dullness
Irritates Vehlo with my western mind.
I announced my own obit!

I found my home, with Wan Tsjen.
Floating through the sky.
And more then ever.
I am,
on top,
of the,
f****** caste!
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