The Black Well Lyrics

Part I (The Awakening)
Inside my mind there boils a well
of doom and despression
Every time when love fills my heart,
this well boils
Spitting his black screams
into my silver sea of thoughts
So it was that day long ago
My beloved kissed me on my cheeks
Deep inside a rumbling starts
Streams of black in my sea of thoughts
Furious he rose into my mind,
killing all I had for love
He knew no mercy on my heart,
widening my eyes with fear!
Fear in my eyes, I scarred her!
She was scarred, scarred to death
She ran away, to save her heart
But too late, already gripped
Gripped by my fear and dragged to his hell
Where she died insanity, never to be seen
Hear me you fool, I am your bro',
yes we are the same flesh
Suicide is your solution
killing me is killing you!
Born with you... I am you!
Part II (Death of the Well)
Days passed, winters became springs
At the horizon, a shade
She came closer and she kissed me on my cheeks
She felt my fear for losing her again
Trying to rescue, to bring rest in my heart
Her lovely words I can still remember
Don't be afraid, I will never leave you
Don't be afraid, kill the d*** well!
By making love, by kissing my lips
Come like the thief in the b***** night
Steal my heart and with it, kill the well!
Kill the well, lay down with me
Make love, let us enjoy
Kiss my lips, touch my heart
Read my thoughts, kiss me again
Come my dear, and lay down with me
Come my dear, do kiss my lips
Don't be afraid, now let us enjoy
Let us make love, the entire night
Every kiss, a stab in his roots
We have killed, overcome
Your fear!
The black well is dead, it is dead. Dead
Part III (Resurrection, lost my love)
Nights, oh how sweet
Surely I enjoyed
Without fear to loose
Only love in her beauty, something rar
But out of this grave his roar can be heard
His hand reached for my heart and smashed it appart
His laughter of decay pounding in my ears
His voice rose from the grave, like thunder
You fool, did you really think you could destroy me?
Did you really think, did you really think,
you would kill yourself?
You lovely coward!
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