Running Through the Woods Lyrics

I seeked the prey for my Hunting heart,
not knowing I welcomed the bringer of pain.
Feeds! With my Heart.
Feeded it grins and endless running begins!
Deep, into the woods.
Till I've found the flower of hate.
"What is this inside my head, is it love or the thousand beasts?"
"These are the flowers in you and the b***erflies bring you joy."
"It are the thousand beasts, they use you and disappear."

"Confused as I am, I'll make no mistake."
"Exactly! Give in to me, I'll make of you a god of l***."
"A god of l*** is an animal trapped, just a w**** for the pigs."

"I prefer a loveless live, clean my of heart of vicious deeds!"
"b******! You think you're wise, the thousand beasts hunt you down."
"Run deep into the woods, search for the flower of hate.
Go now! Before it's to late, cover your ears and eyes.
Run! Before the beasts turn loose,
and pick the flower of hate!"
Then love did arise, spreading her claws,
gripping my heart and ripping it apart.
Desire full pain as rats in my veins.

Running deep, trough the woods.
Haunted by, the thousand beasts,
their breath, whisper in my ear,
of the thousand pains, I have to bear.

"Wealth and pleasure color the world,
but you chose pain and sorrow.
Hear with grief and see in horror,
the consequences of your choice.
Cry! Scream! We're after you!
Cry! Scream! We'll hunt you down!"
"Stop whispering into my ear."

Flower of hate where are thee give me strength and give me faith.
I long for recent full strength, flower of hate now show thee.

I am hunter of the thousand beasts, recent full is my wrath.
A priest in the ordain of hate.
Love is my only sin.
I am made by the pain,
love caused to me.
I shall kill the thousand beasts.
I know no mercy!

I am made by the pain of love.
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