b***erscotch Lyrics

U can take mo 2 the prom,
promise not to tell yer mom.
Mama never tells U why,
while she kicks U in the eye.
I don't think she understands.
I just wanna hold yer hand.
I don't even own a car so we couldn't get that far.
Father Markus said 2 me.
"just confess and you'll B free.
Sit U down upon my lap
tell me yer sins, just like that."
He said " baby, know the rules.
Yer living in a Catholic school.
All the teachers say yer fine,
but they don't have dirty minds."

I am only in my teens.
I live only 4 my dreams.
I cannot B made 2 stay.
Life's a journey anyway.
Teacher, teacher please make me well.
I don't want to go to hell.
Teacher, teacher what can I do?
I don't know boy, it's up 2 you.

It's time to free yer mind.
It's time to cleanse your soul.

Yo Father forgive me for I have sinned.
I'd rather talk to God but He's out and yer in.
It's a little complicated, but father don't sweat it.
U can hear me out or you can just forget it.
Now I haven't been to church in about ten years.
And one time I had to pull my little sister's ears.
But I'm not really violent and it shows.
I go for flower power as that stupid song goes.
Sometimes I tell a lie, but only when it's true.
And I often say things like s*** and f*** U.
And I like to read a lot of dirty comic books.
And I've given dirty teachers a lot of dirty looks.
But this is the last thing that I'm ever gonna say:
"it's embarrassing 4 me 2 talk 2 U this way.
Before I forget before I carry on,
I stole a table napkin from a fancy restaurant.
Now please father tell me tell me what I gotta do.
I am full of guilt and now it's up 2 U."
Just say 10 Hail Marys, 21 Glory Be's 13 Our Fathers, and a hundred Amens.
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Circus (1994)
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