U Know Hoo! Lyrics

aiyo Coolio, what's up with all these fools always poppin' off at the lip
talkin' about the last sucka to f*** up, and stuff like that, loc, what's up?
yeah, don't beleive everything you read, fool
nah, they know what time it is
but, you know, for those who don't know
I think it's time that we step to the mic and set the record straight
aiyo, G
we're gon' do it like this
why don't you tell 'em who you're down with loc

all you n***** run and tell a friend, um
bad m**** f****s is bad again
MAAD Circle's in the house for the ninety fo' and
if I tell I got a fo'ty four and
I shoot they a** up like rifleman
'cause I never wore a suit made by Dapper Dan
them punk m**** f****s be hittin' me up
and I hit 'em right back 'cause I don't give a f***
so throw your m**** f****** M in the sky
if the n**** next to you ain't down, bust him in the eye
if you leaped up your seat you met your doom
Big G could start a fight in an empty room
you f*** with me, you gotta f*** with crazy tunes
Wino, Billy Boy, P.S. and Spoon
I don't give a f*** about you or your crew
(I'm down with the MAAD a** you know who)

brothers of the mother MAAD Circle
I'm down with the MAAD a** you know who
n**** clear the lane, get the kids off the street
it's the one nine nine fo' and *sniffing* I smell booty
stank a** skag m**** f**** wanna basket
getting paid by you n***** from the n**** Dub' C
the quicker to sticker, sucka n**** killa, bust it
yo Coolio, what's up with these punk m**** f****s
(I don't know)
don't they know, um
I gets busy like Illegal
flow like water
drop bomb s*** like a seagull
a janky a** n**** known to sag
and like Old English, I'm setting m**** f****s on they a**
diggin' graves for the braves, that's a trade when I flow
decapitating rappers and p*****' down they throats
cause I'm the, rusty mac pistol macking
and like Mike Tyson, baby, my style is (causing static)
and jabbin' stabbin' m**** f**** you don't want static
nineteen ninety fo' and you cowards all done had it
these ol' whack a** n***** getting popped for record deals
I'm broke 'cause it take no skills to pay the bills
but that's alright because I gotta kill a crew
(I'm down with the MAAD a** you know who)

another day, another dollar, I'll be there when ya holla
it's the skanded a**, sticky face, alleway scholar
I dip two sticks off a ten dollar, fold it
turn it to the hook and kick in the door
may all the traytons be forgot
but if you're steppin' to the Circle we'll connect your dots
I, always feel like somebody's watchin' me
and, even though you're watchin, you can't stop a G
cause I been where you're goin' and I know what you see
you might build a rep, but not on the C, double O to the L to the I to the O
with the m**** f****** god d*** flow
so, f*** it, f*** it, fo' n***** in a bucket
wit an old a** janky thirty eight causing ruckus
yo be a fool tryin' to step to the crew
(I'm down with the MAAD a** you know who)


un huh
all you punk a** m**** f****s
the real steel is in the heel for year feel
brand new, we're nowhere a year ago, yeah
we're not cooking ya crew, beeyotch
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