It Takes a Thief Lyrics

One dark night I need some ends
I got a spot cased out I'm breakin in
I gotta cutter that'll cut through ya window like b***er
Suction cup, window up
Now I'm on the inside lookin for some loot
38 special I don't want to have to shoot
I ain't no young, raw fresh recruit, uhh
Steel tote boots, black khaki suit
A real quick search and nobody's home
just like I planned, now I'm home alone
I hope ya don't mind if I use tha phone
and fix me sometin to eat before I'm gone
I got the servant and the china, deuce-five and the 9
Rolex off the desk so I can tell the time
No one knows where the flow goes when the 'dults crow
you better take some no doughs
Now I'm out tha back with a sack fulla goods
throw it in the truck, take it back to the hood
Let me be brief, I'm on the creep
I stole the sounds out'cha jeep, it takes a thief


Oh yeah! It takes a thief
Yeah yeah! It takes a thief
It takes a m*********** thief! It takes a thief
Keep both eyes open when you go to sleep
Oh yeah! It takes a thief
Yeah, yeah! It takes a thief
It takes a m*********** thief! It takes a thief
Keep ya hand on your gun when I'm on the creep

I need a lick real quick-like
My mind ain't wrapped tight
I scale like Mike Tys so call this fright night
You don't want to see me comin down the street when I'm broke and it's dark
So run your m*********** pockets 'fore they find your a** dead in the park
Put your hands behind your head and interlock your fingers
No I ain't the cops, I just want your rings
and your wallet and your watch and your fat gold chain
Don't try nuttin strange or I'm blowin out'cha brains
I rob from the rich so I can get rich
I ain't got s*** so I take what I can get
I need my mail, my snaps, my dollars, my ends
my grip ain't high enough so I'm robbin on my friends
Somebody out there's out to get me
The smaller the n****, the bigger the gat be
I don't give a f*** about your pain and your grief
You shouldn't of fell asleep, it takes a thief
Chorus x 1/2

There's a buster on the West Side, I heard he gotta grip
and he's outta town on business so I'm schemin on his s***
I heard he got kis and Gs and deeds
and guns and big trash bags full o' weed
I stole a brand new fresh shaft telephone van
so now I guess I'm the telephone man
The bathroom window ain't got no alarm
I gotta skelton brick that works like a charm
It didn't take long to find what I was lookin for
I was d***ed near finished when I heard a key in the door
I jumped in the closet and checked my clip
Pulled my ski mask down, I can't believe this s***
I counted to five and the front door opened up
I counted three more and the front door was shut
I counted five more to give me some s***e
then I jumped out the closet and bucked him in the face
I loaded up the van in broad daylight
'cause Looky Lou's have their high beams on at night
I take the backstreets to avoid the heat
and never let em see me sweat, it takes a thief


Oh yeah!
Yeah yeah!
Hey yeah!
Just a reminder to let you know
there's m************ out there that want your s***
So you better watch out, better watch your back
Can't be goin to sleep, protect your s***
Know what I'm sayin?
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