Mama I'm in Love Wit a Gangsta Lyrics

Verse 1: Coolio
Hey baby, how you doin? What's goin on?
I'm sittin in my m*********** cell, it's the same song
Tell my kids that I love em but don't tell em that I'm through
Keep cryin and tell em I'll be home soon
Oh baby I'm goin crazy
'cause I keep seein s*** that amaze me
Still I had to kill a m*********** last week
He thought I was a punk and tried to creep up on me in my sleep
I just think that I could hold or squeeze or touch or buck ya
but I can't, so f*** it
I'ma behind these bars and it's burnin like nitro
I might go psycho, the man on the tower got a rifle
Aw s***, there the lights go....

*phone ringing*

Mama, I'm in love wit a gangsta (d***)
Mama, I'm in love wit a gangsta (y'know)
Mama, I'm in love wit a gangsta and I know he's a killer
but I love dat n****

Bridge: LeShaun
Hey ba-by
What's happenin honey?
How you doin?
I miss you

Verse 2: LeShaun
The kids keep askin where's their papa?
I had to tell em daddy got caught by the coppers
It's time for me to raise em up proper by myself
It's a g****** struggle when a b**** ain't got no help
Now everybody tellin me that you ain't s*** black
and when you get out, you'll jack and probably go right the f*** back
d***, the pressure's gettin hot and heavy
and yeah, I'm gettin sweated by your homey in the blue and white Chevy
But now he's got a condo and a brand new Lexus
Wants me to take a trip with him down to Texas
The ends don't justify the means
and in another life he might've been the man of my dreams
But you know I got your back to the m*********** end
but a b**** can't even trip like she doen't have a friend

(Hello, you have a collect call from...)
(If you choose to accept this call please press 5 now)
*number dialed*

Verse 3: Coolio
What the f*** you mean you need a friend?
I can't be havin no n***** round my kids
Don't you make me break up outta this m***********
and start killin m************, s***!
I know it's rough, I know it's tough
but when you fumble in the game sometimes you get locked up
You better stay away punk a** b****, he ain't s***
I don't want to have to kill him
'cause think about the times that we used to have
Don't make me reach out and touch that a**
You put yourself in danger when you f*** with a buster
Like shootin dice without a pistol in a circle of murderers
You got more class than the average-type hooker b****
Don't switch, he gotta grip but he ain't rich
Now I gotta check but if you've got the cheque
Give a n**** a look and put somethin on my books

Verse 4: LeShaun
Aiyo remember the homey with the Lexus, he took the trip to Texas
now he's wearin the f***** Lexus like a necklace
So tell me, what's the drill, baby pa? What's a b**** to do?
My n****'s stretched in the pen since '92
Them visits ain't doin the trick, drop f**** make me sick
'cause this po' puddy-tat needs a cat nip
And that m*********** representin you, I think he resents you
He got evidence he never presents to
the people in court, I heard witnesses abortin
What's he doin about gettin you out to hold the fort?
I got some ends, I'ma send you a dime and two doves
Mama hates you but d*** I got love for a gangsta

[Chorus to fade]
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