Bring Back Somethin Fo da Hood Lyrics

This record goes out to all you fake a**, gangsta baller bueschwa-minded a** house n***** who forget their colour. Put on a suit and tie and escape from the ghetto and don't never come back. Yeah m***********, you can run but you sure can't hide!
Deep down in the jungle with a crack to the throat
n***** kill n***** for steppin on their toe
A girl is a b**** and a lady is a ho
When anything goes for a little bit o'docey
s*** get cooked by thugs and crooks
With the knowledge of a scholar but they don't read books
Everyday is a chance that ya life might go
So today is a day that ya gotta get paid
Slang them ki's,make them g's
Do what'cha want but ya sell what'cha please
But don't f*** ??? where you come from
Cos when you do that you're done
Remember your n***** and b****** and your Trojans
And take it to your pockets for some fitness
When ya get it goin and ya got it goin good
Ya better bring back somethin for da hood

Bring back somethin fo da hood m***********!
Bring back somethin fo da hood!

LA County what's goin on?
1993 modern day Babylon
Peace to the n***** from the street
And rest in peace to the others that's six feet deep
Welcome to the fool and he strikes when he's back
And the snake come around,go around and get ape
Top down,slipped on CO-run they none
Every (?cisscrack?)-CAINE ain't no fun
Black cop white cop *gun shot*
f*** the colour of skin make sure he shot *gun shot*
Escape from a jail cell,split away from hell
And all I want for Christmas is a Glock and some shells
Billy Boy takes the pictures,(?Rak watch the room?)
Five-I-seven on my switch,we got out early
Taddle-tails get dropped an' they get got good
So get this s*****n**** for the hood
Get that n**** fo da hood m***********!
Get that n**** fo da hood!

Them n***** ain't playin!(x 3)
(What'cha gonna do when you get out of jail?)
Get that n**** fo da hood
You must remember dis if you're black and you're rich
One push come to shove they'll take your s***
Martin Luther King didn't wear a diamond ring
But he had a dream to let freedom reign
My homie Red Foxx got played like blocks
Pick em up sticks,jacks and hop-scotch
???,aggravation,there's no end to the situation
Cos n***** need a place to meet,a place to sleep
A place to eat and rest they feet
But nobody really even gives a f***
That's why so many n***** is maggot'd up,huh
You claimin the hood but you don't back it up
Fool!And when they catch ya a**,they gonna f*** you up
So when you get it goin and ya got it goin good
You better bring back somethin fo da hood


Bring back somethin fo da hood m***********
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