n****'s Like Us Lyrics

Rollin' down Park Avenue b**pin' maze
My Caddy with them switches, got them b****** in a daze
n***** on the gank, smokin' dank, goin' nuts
And all I see is dope and dead n***** b***** guts
Sometimes I go and click and smack my b**** up with the gat
Or blow up n***** cars, cause I heard they call me fat
No I'm not a wimp, cause the pimp is in my nature
I got too many hoes bein' away, but ain't my flavor
I'ma dope seller, stick 'em up, killer or whatever
Game from slangin' birds, 211 or 187
Smack up my b****** on the street that owe me ends
Learn from the start, in the game ain't no friends
Just a lot of b****** with they hands out

Whatsup with that?

Smilin' in my f*****' face, stabbin' me in my f*****' back
All up in my business, whatsup with my grip b****?
Steppin' up, one n**** died with a mouth full of pimp s***

Whatsup with the b****** aye? Whatsup with the b****** aye?

f*** me, suck me, jack me, 'til my diggidy-d*** e********

Whatsup with n***** aye? Whatsup with the n***** aye?

Tell 'em not to f*** with some n***** like us!
Hook: (4x)

I'm reachin' for the pump and the loaded automatic
It's 6/5 bombs from the box in the attic
A phone call from Eightball let me know the scope
T-Money and J.B. had to scope a young hoe
Not a true b****, but a true b**** n****
We rollin' thick as hell so how the f*** that n**** figure?
His gun nor his gang is gonna be a threat to us
With 1 fire bomb, 1 got him at the dusk
And the n**** down with me said:(d*** G you been having gank?)
And at that very moment, he was askin' me to shank it
A n**** ain't suppose to smoke a trick and get sad
And thats the first example of a killer goin' bad
I gotta take him out, if he live he'll confess
So Eightball you ready?(Yeah)
Shoot him in the chest *1 Shot*(I got him)
One mo' m*********** dead over bullshit
Guess he didn't really know the n***** he was runnin' with
M.J.G., Eightball and Killa-B
Lil' Han and J-Smooth, T-Money and J.B.
Lettin' these imitation m************ know
n***** like us don't be headin' to the flo'..HOE!
Hook: (4x)

Suckers can't get none

Suckers can't get none

G. pass me my clip so I can load my lil' uzi gun

Eightball you got me covered main?

Yeah I got yo back main

Let these
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