Don't Make Lyrics

[Chorus 2x]
Don't make (Don't make)
Me Kill (Me kill)
No m************ body in here (in here)
I'ma shoot (I'ma shoot)
Three shots (Three shots)
Somebody done made me hot (me hot)
You Got Me f***** Up
We Shoot Guns and Hit Targets
Meat Market Yall Haters Up Who Start s***
MJ Ripping Holes In Bodyguards
Outta Line Polices and boys Who They Party Hard
And When The Party Started I Thought We Was All Chillin
I Figured Everybody Would Be Leaving here all living
You Standin To Close Partner
You Askin To Much Baby
You Need To Get From Round Me Befor our clique go crazy
Yea maine these n*****
coming round talking bout they hot
but they not
f****** with fatboy mj
n**** we the truth
holla at playa maine
streets or the booth
we popping at you haters main
Soft as n*****, make they chin hit the flo off brand n*****
take they chesse and they hoe mafio (mafio) n***** know
(n***** know) when them real live G's**** the dow (hit the dow)
[Chorus 2x]

[8 Ball]
I gotta 22 not much bigga than my fanga a when chesta pistol grip pump us a head ranga a two shot daraga nine lil milana
abig fourty glock just call me the gun slanga some ak's spray to kill the front line one hundred and thirty dead from
squeezin' off one time all you mu-f*****' who gappin' fly lip let it rip don't slip I'm workin' wit five clips
We fifty deep and err n**** wit me got they ice on lil n**** that a break yo face like Roy Jones crushin' bones when it's
on we ain't never scaed them memphis boyz be so serious when it's bout that bread kidnap family members them n***** don't
leave no witness they all love a gansta that s*** be so addictive when we pull up they know who we are by ther we blowing
big and you know Diddy he gon buy the bar
[Chorus 2x]

Take yo vest off from blowin' yo kneck off and eyes out high speed chase I follow you to yo hide out shot yo f*****' ties
out don't try to ride now what happen to the base in yo voice you just cryin' now I thought you was a man you starting to
look fine now a grim we been lookin' for you in boyz time now then blow the wrong s*** out of the right side of yo head
maine ain't noway for retaliation when U's a dead man
[8 Ball]
Not a scread maine we keep off the frame we staying away from lames we runnin' the whole game I do it like a G you ain't
f*****' wit me 8 ball, MJG we reppin' for Tennessee wit murder and homicide the day n***** die the day n***** ride and
don't need a reason why it's money and the power the week they get devowered them boyz they disrespect wit bullets they
get showered

[Chorus 2x]
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