Mr. Big Lyrics

8Ball: Now, I was broke as a m****f****, my life at the end see
My so called friends, they had no ends to lend me.
My job at Mickie Ds was f***** me with no grease
I worked so d*** hard, but the money, it never increased.
I quit my f***** job, I had no job n****
Put on the mask, get the gloc, it's time to rob n****.
I hit the streets, but no victim had been chosen
d*** I was nervous, but my fear wouldn't stop my strollin.
Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, I was struck
I felt the burn of bullets, so I knew I had got bucked.
Reachin for my tech, the bullets hit me in my chest
My eyes closed shut, and I thought I seen death.
I woke up at the med still woozy from my jackin
T-Money walked in and he told me what had happened.
I knew him from the hood, but I did not know him well
He drove a red jag, and I knew that he was bale.
He said he was rollin when he seen me in distress
He said he killed the m****f***in n***** with his tech.
He offered me a job said he'd front me what I needed
I said that I was with it dreamin one day I would be..
Mr. Big!

Chorus: Mr. Big, Mr. Big, they call him Mr. Big
Mr. Big, Mr. Big, but not because of my size.
Mr. Big, Mr. Big, they call him Mr. Big
Mr. Big, Mr. Big, but not because of my size.
Mr. Big, Mr. Big, they call him Mr. Big
Mr. Big, Mr. Big, but not because of my size.
Mr. Big, Mr. Big, they call him Mr. Big
Mr. Big, Mr. Big, but not because of my size.
8Ball: I hit the street slaning ya-yo, then I sold up my block
Sellin 8, sellin deals, sellin $20 rocks.
Sellin dimes, sellin nickels to the junkies on my tracks
Gettin my d*** sucked with the crumbs from the crack.
Some fool tried to jack me, but he only had a knife
A clip full of hollow tips took the b******' life.
Standin on the track, my mobile rung and it was T
"Hello?" -- "Yo Eight, be the f*** aroung 3" --"Aight!"
I met him at the park, he had a job for me again
Rob some Columbians, and get my a** in.
Hit for 30 birds, if I live, I'd get five
I smoked them d*** Columbians, and then got what was mine.
All the time, my clientel rappidly increased
My bank got bigger, that's when b****** started jockin me.
Cars and clothes had me f***** different hoes
A fat bank roll was keepin me cool with the 5-O.
I had n***** workin under me to take the heat
I never touched the dope, makin a 100 Gs a week.
I gained respect, I'm the biggest playa of all time
Don't ever f*** with me, cause I'm ...
Mr. Big!
Repeat Chorus:

8Ball: Chillin at the club with T-Money and J-B
Lil Adrian and Boo, and my n****, MJG.
I had the b****** staring at the twinkle of my diamonds.
Drinkin on this Yak, makin my way to the back.
When I saw this little b**** lookin finer than the rest.
With a long black weave and a tight red dress.
I started conversatin, but she didn't want to talk to me
Straight up to the hotel room, now the b**** is suckin the
d*** of this n**** that is smarter than the b**** thank
Then she got up, now somethin in the air stank.
She went in the bathroom and locked the door behind her
I got off the bed and grabbed the tech from the dresser.
Stood by the door when it opened, n***** came out
Grab my m****f***in gun, "Hey n****!" *pow pow*
Then, I grabbed the girl cause some more n***** had busted in
Shot that b**** in the dome with my m****f***in chrome
Shot up all the n*****, but I took one in the leg
When the cops busted in, I was laying on the bed.
Walked up out the room, did I go to jail?
Hell no! They can't stop me..
Long live Mr. Big Ho!!!!

Repeat Chorus!
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