Don't Flex Lyrics

s***e Age

Chorus 2X:
Dont flex baby
I wanna see you toucha toes in that dress baby
Bounce it up and down like we having s** baby
Give me the head and you can give them tricks the rest baby
And nuthin less baby
Eightball let me grip the mic and rip the track
Freaky hoes let me see you shaking what you got
Trick n***** buy them hoes a drank to keep em cool
And I'm gone be with them n***** drinking yak ackin a fool
Fulla hay f*** security cuz we dont give a f***
At the bar drinking shots looking at them hoes strut
Up and down side to side for a n**** like a foe
Young hoes at the club ready to pack they s*** and go
Dont trip baby
After the club you can jump off in my whip baby
And let a n**** get a sample of them lips baby
And we gone keep it on the hush
You can hit me on the hip but dont be blowin a n**** up
9 11 all the time d*** tell me what you need
Hold on let me click over MJ what you see

I see a stout thang
Were bout to leave a hump off in yo couch mayn
One look at this b****a make yo mouth hang open
Freak what you looking at
A true pimp I seen it in her camp
Full time party lifer dance floora
Dopeman's b**** average club goer
Shake it baby til your G-strang break loose
I'm watchin now gone make them hoes hate you
She's a cover girl under bed cover f*** yo red brother
And yo black brother and yo dead brother she aint scared brother
Big thick juicy body molaty
Got mo b*** than she got body
She's a go-getter pro switch hitter
But only in the dark
So parking lot competition is hard
I aint chasing
And if I stay around aint cause I'm waiting (Uhn)
Now get along girl get bout your straighten
Chorus 2X

We make it hot
We came to make it hotta than Nevada
Big balling G slanging Suave House product
In the lab like a chemist cooking weighing up and cutting
Trinity to the MPC making dope pushing b***ons
Organized Noise
Them country ATL boys
Got it locked up and sewed up and keep it rocked up
Glocked up
Doing the southside like Lil Key Key
Tricks talking s*** gone see my hollow tips in 3D
But we didn't come to see no jealous a** n*****
We came to keep the party hype and drank up all the liquor
And f*** with the gold diggers them free drink sippers
Cause them gone be the ones in the room pulling zippers
With they teeth mind blow by the presidential suite
Waking up talking bout they wanna go and eat
Hit the dho baby
You aint got to go home but yo a** got to go baby
And that for s*****by
Chorus 2X

I saw yo naked a**
Peekin out the curtain of yo mini shirt
Shadow of yo p**** close behind
Telling me MJG
Run with me through fields of flowers
We can f*** for hours
Come and she you anytime
You say no
How you gone say that when you dress say yes
A saddle on yo chest I expect nothing less
Than nuts on yo neck d*** on yo chin
Just like we done then last time lets do it again
It looks as if to me you got some handles bout yourself
But everything you struggle to reach is up on the shelf
In homes of pimps who done done it
Some play around with your mind we run it
Gin sippers Orange Mound, Tennessee n****
We deliver all up and down the Mississippi river
f*** a check b****
No ID no income and dividends
Aint got nothing but s***e now fill it in
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