Night Marauders Lyrics

Night marauders lay waste to the land
Honorless battle, consuming the dead

Collecting bodies to consume
Keep the engine burning hot,apocalyptic war machine
Needs fuel for fire,nomadic fighters rule the land
Basic wants in dire need,all around a crippled Earth
Few have survived
All who live nothing's left,scavengers
Walking around with radiation burns

Take no prisoners,all will be d***ed
Fight without mercy,there's fates worse than death

Surrounded by the carcass
Build your world in dust
Shadow of the fallen
All you see is war

In the end of time,no world
Left to control
Only the burning of flesh
Will persist
Night Marauders
Hour by hour
The only future that's real

Throughout the tired
Hollow waste
Cries the mass to live again
Poison fumes corrupt the veins
Breathing deep
Violent killers on the prowl
Seek to take the human crown
Bound by bloodshed
And the roaring steel
All who live
Nothing's left,scavengers
Walking around with
Radiation burns

Who will rule,
Night marauding warriors
In the end of time,
No world left to control
Only the burning of flesh will persist

Eternal and futile,
In the end of time,
No world left to control
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