Infinite Legions Lyrics

Dark meteors, pale demons aside,
Hurled relentlessly across the night sky
Zealots of creation to a theory
Chained, they'd kill for their faith or die,
Never to kneel; they slaughter all lords,
On the souls of the faithful, faithless demons gorge
A curse upon you, all you deserve,
All seem to think they are on
The truth path, a plague so vile, none shall survive
The righteous will tighten its grip on the free
Claiming their god is the one to believe
The beast is emerging a danger untold
Trying to suppress what can't be
Controller, a curse upon you
All you deserve, can you explain
How it is the lord's will
A plague so vile, none shall survive,
Infinite legions of conquering hordes,
A curse on their blades,
A hex on their swords
Unholy minions,
Their mark heaven's domain
Caressing the leather that
Binds up the tome
They'll die on their knees
When the lies have been shown
Fire and brimstone are
Eden's demise,
The great opposition
It's time to arise, slayers
Of angels, haters of god
Infinite legions victorious
And strong
Heathen armies
Ceaseless advance
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