Axes of Evil Lyrics

Hark! A scout has reached the gate, bringing news of war
In a fortnight they'll be here, legions of the nameless fear
Our king he cannot lead, our king is growing old
With a courageous cry, a young man rises form the fold
The answer we seek lies in the frozen waste
I leave at dawn with haste for...
Axes of evil
Astonished faces look his way, as the hopeful carry horror in their hearts
Uncertain of a power that malice forged in steel
I must face this threat that challenges our lives
I'll strike out with vengeance, I'll reap from their demise
No! You must not seek the blades, it's said that they are cursed
They'll possess you if they're found, to the dreadlord they are bound
Cutting flesh for him to eat, b***** raw Lucifer meat
Peril awaits you in the fjords, we cannot lose you to the...

Axes of evil, strong not feeble
Axes of evil, come on!
Axes of evil, our fates wrapped in steel
Axes of evil, come on! Come on!!!
The future of our land lies in the balance
You must go to save us all

At last they're found floating in a crystal orb
Speak the incantation written on the wall
In a blinding flash the axes fly into his hands
Too much power for him to bear, he'll wreak havoc on the land
Wreaking havoc on the land
Axes of evil, our fates wrapped in steel
Axes of evil, come on!
Axes of evil, will kill all the people!
Axes of evil, come on! Come on!!!

...Axes of evil
On the fourteenth morning's chill, from the rampart he is spotted on the hill
With a look of burning poison that fills his eyes with rage
I have returned to put an end to all your lives
With no remorse I will reap from your demise
...Axes of evil
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