Metal Woman Lyrics

All eyes will turn to her when she has arrived
She makes her presence felt each and every time
Her pikes will slash your skin
Your mind is full of sin
She bears a fiercness thet you'll underestimate
Don't disrespect her or you she'll devestate
Her essence takes its toll
You're losing all control
She is a metal woman
metal woman

Decked out in studded leather, with looks that kill
The way she moves to metal gives us all a thrill
Her wiles on overload
We're ready to explode

She is a metal woman
metal woman
metal woman
Demon in the sack
Metal woman
Ready to attack
Solo: Hagberg

Are you redy?
Bullet belt seduction
Lures you to the chase
Throws her chains around you
Pulls in for a taste
Black widow wanting
Shows a glimps of lace
l*** will betray you
She'll smash your face

Do not betray a metal woman
You'll be the prey of a metal woman
Don't turn your back on a metal woman
She stalks the night the metal woman
Do not cry out for a metal woman
The cold steel eyes of a metal woman
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