Princess Daisy Lyrics

Smoking on some sour
In Bahamas
Wearing Green Polo Pajamas
Made of marijuana
f*** an ugly ho
Like Johnny Drama
Licking off dripping champagne from my fingernail
Tripping off ginger-ale
This tune ain't got no hook
Like a hunky tail
Me and pedram on this b****, we're in aventail
On the beach, with the pink polo, the color of rose
Dirty stinking feet
Started drinking whiskey neat
Already drinken' three
Yung Lean is that curly-haired freak
Take a seat
Got a new passport eating lobster in court
Teleport to a new time zone with an escort
Got a fort, filled with hoes who just want to snort
Take a boat to my resort, in Hawaii
Where I got a tennis court
I forgot to mention that I still get child support
Drinking forties out in Honolulu
With my shawty and she's siftin' on chicken pu-pu
I'm in doo-doo, hoes sucking nuts but this ain't no chippendales
Drifting fails off a drifting tale
Made of minimum wage
Starring in s*** movies like Nicolas Cage
I'm drinking a pina colada in the plage
Inhale exhale f*** a female, throw stones on madlib backstage
Description by yungmean. more
From Unknown Death 2002
Produced by Yung Gud
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