Yoshi City Lyrics

[Hook x2]
Stockholm city we're burned out
Yoshi city we burn it down
I guess it's my turn now
Smoking loud I'm a lonely cloud
I'm a lonely cloud, with my windows down
I'm a lonely, lonely, I'm a lonely, lonely
[Verse: 1]
Might be the only hope I got left
Blessed without success
f*** stress I'm gonna trust the best
I'm nervous that she's so upset
She don't want me, b**** I'm flustered
I'm an aristocrat without the progress
Roses all on her wedding dress, blood from her mouth, I'm a mess
Alien faces everywhere I go
Downtown b**** that's where I smoke
Got my heart next to my phone
Do or die? Stupid high
Lonely nights, finna sacrifice
f*** your life I need mine
I'll take yours and rewind
Walk in my shoes you'll see why
f*** everyone, I don't reply
Sad boys b**** we world wide
Grey sweatshirt, L size
Wakizashi and grape Nikes
f*** norms, f*** a normal life
f*** norms I'll break em out
Yerno Blood, that's what I said
Lean, lean, lean you got it in your head
Like a disease you know I spread
I can't sleep with out you on my bed
Yoshi city, that's the town
All me, I came up now
Sad boys, time to burn it down
Windows down, face out
Squad up when we riding out
We riding out
[Hook x4]
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