Volt Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Heart, heart, heart of a lion, lion
Heart departed from my soul, thanks to everyone who hates me, only makes me fit my role
I got orange juice and doobies, I'll be tourin troops, and groupies
Chef fired, vampire, diamonds, diamonds, i got rupees, i got pills in my smoothies
SBE [???]
Money, money in my bank account
You know I've gotta spend it all
Flick the lighter's light
If I die you'll never see me fall
f*** the police, til the, til the, til the curtain call
Ball? No, basketball, New shoes, bank calls
Mix it with some alcohol, Adderall, still I fall
Not supposed to make it so we chase it till we got em all
Made it, did it, out of zero[?], flipped it, got it, made a hero
f*** the game, I've been a year old[?], faster than you like De Niro
If you don't like me, get the f*** out my face
I'm ridin' in a starship, get the f*** out my way
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