. Worthless Lyrics

Trying to make a monster out of me, just met with somber tone,
Hate stronger than me? A love greater than mine? A life better than ours?
Put me down and leave me for the dogs, you can't choose who dies, 'cos you ain't God.
I'm in this 'til the end, so suck up every last drop,
We're in this moment 'til our hearts stop.
Forever hated, you think that I'm lucky, but I lost everything that I've got.
I do this for the love, not what I receive.
Yeah you wanna get on it, and yeah you wanna hit on it,
But I could take a s*** on it and it'll shine brighter than you.
Fill the air with opinions and judgement, you say you hate me, but there's no hope for you,
The b******s try to bring us down, you run your mouth like you're f****** God,
But I'll cut you out like a worthless f****** dog.
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