Burnt Tongues Lyrics

Look me in the eyes, swallow your pride.
Tell me what you think of me.
Can't you see all I need is a breath of fresh air
From the bullshit you keep feeding me
I know I'm a suspect as much as a victim
At least I've got the b**** to admit
After all that I said
After all that I've done
I still know I'm this piece of s***

So go ahead and tell me
I can see it on your lips
You've always burned by the warmth from us all
And now your shoulders chipped.
Spit your rage, speak your fire,
Let the flames of hatred hit me
Burn me all you like
Let the flames lick higher
It's what is left that I need
Now when was it ever about taking sides?
Everyone's had enough of you
I've seen the monster you've become
After all the s*** we've been put through

Everyone has to f****** talk
Everyone has to say their piece
No one can take a moment to feel what I feel
No one gets a chance to talk
Nobody gets to say their piece
Your burning tongue won't let a single person get a word out
Now nobody's left to burn
They've all packed and left you
Can't you see we put all effort in?
Now I don't know where to begin
Convincing you that your not who you think you are
You're just your best friend's enemy

You can't look me in the eyes
You can't swallow your pride
Tell me what you think of me
Can't you see all I need is a breath of fresh air
From your indecency
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