Paper Trails Lyrics

Grip my hand so tightly and please never let me go,
A secret shared only with myself, who would've thought it would all come true.
(A teenage dream turn in to reality).
All I know is you (perfect in life), I'm just a young and hopeless fool.
I've always cared for you (been there for you), you just never knew.
So follow these paper trails that lead all the way back to me, pick up all the pieces.
I've got nothing except what you see, it's a long way home with the sky pouring down on me.
We've all had our loves and f***** it either way, no lies, that's what all the people say,
But girl I mean that when I say I'm true (it's just me and you, you and me).
I've always cared for you, you just never knew.
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