World War III Lyrics

Hook: It's a World War Three, n****
f*****' wit me, n****
My n***** wit it, wit it, I&E, n****
World War Three n****,
f*****' wit me, n****
My n***** wit it, wit it, WB b****
It's a World War Three n****, f*****' wit Gotti boy
I'm bout to separate yo soul from yo body boy
I got that chopper boy, coming through yo block boy
And you can't stop us boy, betta call the coppers boy
My n***** wit it, wit it
Money, we get it, get it
I see my target, regardless I hit it, hit it
Bullets ain't got no name
Gotti ain't playin' games
Gotti don't buss in the crowd, I see my mane in aim
Situations don't matter, put yo head on a platter
Catch the cut then b****, I shed, born, and rattle
Got on yo head, feel you ready, got on yo best?
You say you beefin' wit Gotti you livin' then you blessed
Fu-f*** a institution, b**** this a revolution
I ain't gone chill, until I get a execution
Fu-f*** a institution, b**** this a revolution
I ain't gone chill, until I get a execution


So you say you want to break the law
What about when I break your jaw?
What about, when I come through your hood, sideways in a Regal, me and my
people, stuntin' wit a Sod-Off
I say you want to think, before you do that
You don't really want to see me run through that
I'm screamin out Gotti, before I got him so why you screamin' "Who that?"
You say you want to wild out
But you don't want to foul out
What the f*** you thinkin' bout?
See you f*****' wit a block burner, when s*** get hot it melt, ain't no
tellin' how it turn out
I'm bringin' fame to the streets in a proper way
Represent I&E each and every day
Yo Gotti, m***********, what the f*** you say?
My grill ain't real, my s*** don't shine in your face
How many n***** had six figgas, besides Jigga
Before the rap game came, me and my n*****
Representin' down south
Wit plat up in our mouth
s***, bricks, and chips is what I'm all about
Say it again
Rewind the s***, Play it again,???, ???, record again
Cause you f***** wit a n****, bring war again
I scream attention! (WHO?)
If you a I&E solider pay attention! (WHY?)
Cause it's some serious s*** I'm bout to mention! (WHAT?)
Go and get that n****, so I can lynch him! (WHO?)
Don't ever join my team and try to exit (b****)
That's like having a Lexus and won't flex it (b****)
I know you like the ice up in my bracelet (b****)
It's all about the sign around my necklace (b****)
You reckless (b****)
You had the advantage
Now you can't do nothing, but panic
Like a hoe, wanting it rough, but you too romantic
I'm the number one writer
Who say that they tighter?
That's just like bringing a fight, up out of a fighter
Trick, I'm ready for it, never 'noid, so energetic
And with that slick s*** you pull, you make me feel disrespected
It's a World War Three n****, f***** wit Gotti boy
I ain't no studio gangsta I bring the drama boy

Hook until end
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Self-Explanatory (2001)
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