Slash Lyrics

Denial, finally my turn
So if you play wit fire you know you gone get burned
My life is in denial, finally my turn
So if you play wit fire, you know you gone get burned
I'm a pimp slash poet slash slash hustler
Pimp slash poet slash slash hustler
Pimp slash poet slash slash hustler
Slash playa hater killer, don't f*** wit busters

[Yo Gotti]
I got work slash yirk slash slash green
Slash hot heaters and them other felomies
Wanna feel better like the colors in yo sweater
Hit me on the hill I get pills and etc.
X slash V slash slash D
Slash v***** for your high performance needs
Boy and that girl
Come into my world
38127, shady vista by the stairs
Y O slash G O slash T T I slash
Get up on yo a**
W W W slash dot Gotti slash dot com
Check out where I'm from
Makin' Easy Money Pimpin' Hoes In Style slash
Twenty inch wheels and I'm straight from the south slash
Home slash chrome slash doing my thang
Cause it's I slash E slash out the frame


[Yo Gotti]
I'm a real a** n****, trill a** n****
Play me if you wanna, you'll get killed fast n****
I&E for life, Gotti thinkin' twice
Just like a atheist believing in Christ
Never havin' slash, been stackin' slash
Reliable, viable, worth more than cash
Street sense slash
Book sense slash
Young kid slash
Wit six figs slash
Ballerific slash, real gifted slash
Never drift away, I just pay attention slash
My shows be like whoa slash
At the doe (door) slash
Got a n**** poppin' Mo slash
Like a pro slash
Get wrong if you wanna slash
Bet I'm gonna slash
Hit yo block wit that K and wet it like Daytona slash

T slash Stit
No love for a b****
Jiggalo slash lympho slash no trick
Paper-chaser slash block-burner slash
Dome-cracker wig-splitter n**** like a a**
I cook pork slash beef wit my P slash
And when I cap a n**** a**, they gone be sleep slash deceased
In deni slash ial slash slash t**le
Slash on fire, I'll blaze like a lighter
I'm a block slash burner trill real youngster
Slash gettin' money, now can you count all these hundreds?
I'm slash artist, I'm so creative, I'm slash ink-smoker
Now can handle this dolja?
I'm slash thug n****, I'm from the hood n****
I'm slash head-busser, I'm slash playa n****
I love to ride on chrome, pop Mo and s***
Hit the stage in a rage and rock shows and s***

I be V slash D uh O G n**** slash
Just like a n****, like I said befo' n****
Puttin' it down wit my bru slash Y to the O G O T T I
Slash I&E for life
Wanna know where I'm from I'm screamin HYDE PARK b****
Slash shawt (short) end bound slash G-Street b****
And I'm down for them n***** like lil R, Dre and Petey
Big B.B J.D, and girlfriends

[Hook] until end
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Self-Explanatory (2001)
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