I Am Lyrics

I could show you how to cook right
Can I show you what a millionaire look like?
Aye let me show you how to cook right
This what a millionaire look like
Young n**** in the hood watchin out for hustle
All these n***** with me, I love em like my brother
I am the struggle, I am the hustle
I am the city, homie proud of me did you
I used to say pin this mouse, this n**** co-dependent
Hard way n****, I got my meals the hard way
Selling crack, millionaire, I love the smart way
Exit the game and got rich, that's a fade away
Ha-ha, what a millionaire look like?
Yea I can show em how to cook right
Turn a man to a half, turn a brick to a jet
n**** you do the math, you can aim right
Mixtape doing show for the 40
All I need is one mic and a Glock 40
Tot bomb for the killers who never honor the deal
And then UGK to the ceiling,
Can't describe the feeling

I am in this - fortunate
I am success... fortune live
Mansion life in the crissy
Young n***** with tints
Headshots in the day
Throwin our lives away
I understand her
I come from that land hoe
That's where they would kill a n**** and I was the man hoe
Shots fired, bullets flying
Coming out that lando
Family cryin, say that s*** so times, hardcore
Mafia, I grew up when freaks and s*** were poppin up
I was hustling, thuggin and keep the cocaine and we're poppin up
I have bricks down, choppas up, it wasn't no n**** real as us
City f***** with me cause they know a n**** real as f***
Yea, then the s*** got easy
Told my dog I had a million and he didn't believe me
I told him cool, roll a brick, bringing 22 easy
I would live it up and die before I heard about Jeezy
For real
I could show you how to cook right
And what a millionaire look like
Yep I could show you how to cook right
And what a multi-millionaire look like n****

I Am
I Am

Self-made just like Ross said n****
You know they gave me s*** potna
Relax about me n****
Man I tell this everyday m************ faded
Yea I got cutt off yo bush
n**** f*** you talkin bout?
And this that motion picture s***
Maybe I just embarrass a n****
We ball and flow extreme n****
This meanest s***, non-fiction homie
It feel G my n****
LA really will pop
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I Am (2013)
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