Mr. Tell It Lyrics

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Mr. Tell It gone do yo thang (do yo thang)
Mr. Tell It present yo game (sent yo game)
Mr. Tell It gone head and squeal (head and squeal)
Can you see that my hoe ain't going
I thought you was real
[Verse 1]
I got Mr. Tell It up on the phone
Disturbing peace inside my home
Tryna tell my biz and s*** so he can get inside the throne
I guess the n**** like my song after I f***** a n****'s b****
I'm f****** n***** all daily baby ain't gotta snitch
Strong you'll never sell memoir salt don't kill a playa
Once a hoe forever hoes always been a tattle tell
Ever since the third grade still got the same waves
Ridin' and kickin' s*** with you
And the hoe know every move I make
This n**** must think I'm dumb
Getting' the numbers out my phone
All around hoe navi - gaty (navigator) lickin' out his tongue
2 waying my b**** and s*** he know something' what she don't know
n**** what you think this a Jenny Jones or Springer show
n**** I got hoes to give, hoe wit rides, and hoes wit cribs
Synonyms and antonyms, negatives and positives
Frankly what I'm trying to say you can tell the President
My hoe know numbers Gotti on tip she relevant

[Verse 2]
Mr. Tell It tell the truth, is you jealous or you jes?
Overprotected don't f*** around and get no injection
Not bout the b**** but bout the principle
That you want to see me living life miserable
They say bullets ain't got no name money ain't got no rules
And a b**** gone do what she want to
My street literature spit at her so quick and smooth
She give a f*** about the hustling doubts that you went through
So get yourself together dawg and tune in tonight
She want to f*** with a thug Mr. Tell It you too nice
All you want to do is lick her p**** and hit her bare
She want to f*** with a n**** that don't really care
Yo gotti hit the b**** and I'll never call her again
Same room same hotel next week with her friend
So Mr. Tell It I hope you linen (listen)
Stay the f*** up out my business

[Verse 3]
Mr. Tell It don't shoot me down to knock a b****
Mr. Tell It don't use my name, remember you the s***
I can't help I f***** your hoe, and yo 'cause, and yo sissta
and yo ex-girl-lah
Mr. Tell It want to pay be back, ain't that a b****
My name ain't Kurt so remember that
Mr. Tell It these hoes already know that I'm a dawg
Mr. Tell It can't say nuttin nice then don't speak at all
Mr. Tell It quit bothering me, watching me
Following like a private eye agency
Mr. Tell It just leave me alone
Cause on the real, I don't want to put one in your dome
So leave me alone
Mr. Tell It we tryin' to sleep
Quit leaving message bout where I was last week
It's understood, Mr. Tell It listen close
I ain't married and ya boy don't love the hoe
Mr. Tell It

[Chorus] - repeat until end
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