Life Lyrics

[Chorus: woman singing - repeat 4X]
Take a look in my life and see what I see..

[Yo Gotti]
3 - 8 - 1 - 2 - 7
shady vista, segshaw lane
my ghetto game, where it all started for gotti
little summin', running around (?) and naughty
asking for dollars from n***** I a**umed was ballin'
twelve years old, and talking about flippin' tomorrow
counting my cheese, think I had 'bout 37 bones
I made up my mind, tomorrow gotti's starting to cone
bought me a deal, posted up on top of the hill
throughout these years, i've seen a lot of n***** get killed
my life is the truth, i'd rather rap outside a booth
y'all ain't talking about s***, i'm 100 proof..
that's what my life like


[Yo Gotti]
I'm from the projects, jaded in, fence surround
I'm a normal teen black, but these c****s around
'cause they on the corner stores, like how could they afford
something we can't, they never seen these dollars before
I wrote this here for the government, me and my people sufferin'
break bread with the immigrants, not word for recipients
tell me what my benefit, long jazz, fifty cents
eighty-five percent with no parole in parenthesis
the north memphis president, here to set the record straight
rob, steal, kill, put some food on your people plates
going lethal, thrill me, before these people kill me
gotti's just a spokesman for the north and they gon' feel me
my block consists of.. lost hope
g*******ers and street-thugs.. plus c**e
there's one way in and one way out, take summin'
a cop working; wait for drought, like yo gotti
[Yo Gotti]
Back in the day, used to cut the five off of twenties
Back in the day, I used to cut the two off of tens
Back in the days, I thought everybody was friends
Back in the day, the hood had me trapped within
Back in the day, used to play "pick up and run"
the s*** was fun, but nowadays we picking up guns
Back in the day, me and my n***** fought with each other
shared with each other, but nowadays we bust at each other
trust in each other just like we done sealed-up leather
never, we're all clever but on different levels
Back in the day, used to play "that's my car"
Back in the days, I never thought i'd make it this far
Back in the day, used to play "catch a girl, get a girl"
nowadays, n***** let a girl ruin they whole world
last days, it was existing in the dirty south
rediculous in the dirty south, come get me out this dirty south
my life like..

[Chorus] - repeat to fade
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