Tide/This Place Is a Prison Lyrics

Im sleeping through the day again, with the light from your window making shapes of your face on the wall. And I don't wish you were here, but I'm noticing with no defense a light that doesn't go off. So give me time to reconcile my reality and the peace I can't touch, because while I'm sleeping my faith still never comes close enough.
I've fought off the uncertainty in believing your love would return to me. I'm promised to a feeling thats as far away as the distance I should keep. And I wish that I could hold on to something that lasts, but all I have is the day and it will fade away with the light you put out in the depth of your heart when you turned your back.
So give me time, because I need the sun to extinguish when I close my eyes. I need the clouds to remind me that love will always hide. I need the night to remind me love's there, but on the opposite side of my life, drowning in an ocean with its hands tied.
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