I Can Feel You Standing There Lyrics

Your voice is echoing outside my window
The sound of you breathing with your eyes closed
Your heart's rhythm, its decay as it pulls you away
I've got December tangled in my throat so you can't hear me shout
Her hands are holding me down while you paint into my chest
a portrait of you, where your love used to rest
She won't let you walk back without tripping you up
while I hold my hands out just to feel your touch
I can feel you there, but I can't see you anywhere
You taught me to keep the memory close
like it would keep me warm when the sun drowned
But every day is a cold punch knocking me out
and every night as sleepless as my doubt
So how do I sleep when in my dreams I can't breathe?
And how can I believe what my eyes can't see?
I loved for so long that it changed my heart's beat
The chill bled me blue and slowed each crash and pound
What's left to recall when the stars are too dark to see
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