Summer Storms/Winter Leaves Lyrics

I can hear your voice
It's like a siren repeating
"These walls are waterlogged with the weight of a childhood
The secrets we keep in the drawers of our dressers
We slept in beds that were broken in half
Rearranged while we dreamed of windows caving
To the pressure from the storms the summers would bring
You're like the leaves, staining portraits of your absence in the concrete
We walk the path wishing you'd return like the red season
We watched you leave
The air was cold then
Your breath made a map of your movement
It was an unsure cloud, as wandering as the words you locked inside it"
I would sink in that heat if it would take me like your arms
Make a grave for me, if you'd trace my epitaph from the shapes of the clouds
It's this silence I've been walking through
I can't see my reflection through
This season's like an ocean, but it won't let me drown
It's too cold to breathe
But I can't make the shape of a home through the fog in front of me
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