Misanthropy Lyrics

First Verse:I'm givin' it to you old school
style, no album cover gimmicks,No intros, no shout outs,
nothin' but straight lyrics,If you in your car buckle
up,But if you don't like what I'm sayin'
when you see me knuckle up,No studio gangsta stories or
tall tales full of fiction,I'm spittin' the life
of a n**** that's full of indecision,Don't know
which way to go,At the crossroads,It's time to
elevate the game,Cuz they spit the same ol' same,Cuz a n**** done grew up,Through some s*** that'll
make the average n**** fold up,Thought I had it sowed
up,But hold up, you know what?I realized the World
wouldn't give a f*** whether I'm here or not,And
that's contrary to all that other madness that you hear a
lot,Ain't no bigger figures, just us n*****,Sometimes they give us action,This s*** is crashin'
back to Earth like Michael Jackson,It don't matter
how much scrilla,You got, you still a n****,They
either a**assinate your character, frame ya, or they kill
you,I don't blame you, if you don't feel the,
game I wrote,We've been brainwashed, unconscious
prisoners ever since we left the boat,Subliminal messages
from bands to reject this s***,But they can't hide
the truth no matter what they try to do,My judgment day is
everyday,f*** what they say,And make 'em
pay,Grab your H.K., and dragon slay,And make a
day,Would you rather ride or stay a puppet?In the
ghetto makin' crumbs, why they makin' scrilla by the
bucket,But f*** it,To each his own,But to me
it's on,f*** the chest, forget the vest, I'm
aimin' for enemy domes,Cuz only the strong, survive,
one life to live,Let us around,What's that
sound? It's goin' downChorus:f*** all y'all,f*****' with my mind,Until you all fall,MisanthropyFuckin' with my
mind,You can't understand yours,Now can you
understand my,Misanthropy?(2x)Second
Verse:I did four hundred years in Hell,Now
they tryin' to give me twenty-five to life in the cell,Got'cha boy on the run and if they catch me it's
over,Rollin' in a Nova,Three-fifty packin'
a forty-caliber Mag importer,Declarin' war, on the
system,Askin' for help, but the m****f****s
didn't listen,They tried to get killed, but now they
label me a killer,You lived by the scroll, but you gone
die by the scrilla,Neither of you can see the pain in my
eyes, f*** a disguise,I wear it on my shoulder like a
bass,Causin' casualties like M*A*S*H,Been a
soldier in the truest sense,Born and raised in a war zone,
it's always on,And you can die in an instant,As
infants grow up to be convicts,Knew how to shoot a gun
since the age of six,Little lunatic,Papa didn't
wanna raise a punk,Beat'cha til' you hate it,
his a** grew up and beat'cha while you ride punk,I'm unapproachable, can't nobody tell me s***,I got my mind made up, f*** a psychiatrist,I don't
need nobody tryin' to tell me what I'm
thinkin',The ghetto is stuck on quicksand and
it's sinkin', it's goin' down[Voice Taped From A Speech]We are peaceful people,We are loving people,We love everybody who loves us,We're non-violent with people who are non-violent with
us,We are NOT non-violent with ANYONE, who is violent with
usChorusThird Verse:>From
day one the odds was against me,Nate one have love for a
n****, so the Devil tried to tempt me,To loc up, revolt,
rebel,Said "You might as well,You already,
livin' in Hell"I got, somethin' in my soul
tellin' me "n**** this s*** ain't right",The
Lord never answered, but I prayed with all my might,So
f*** waitin' patient, it's a virtue I don't
have,I got money on my mind and I want my s*** in cash,f*** a forty acre and a mule,I want everything that you
owe me, it's time to pay your dues,I was used, and
abused, for centuries,But when they mention warfare, they
never mentioned me,But can you picture me?On top of
the World? Runnin' s*** with a major attitude,Madder
than that prophet b****,With a clip full of s***,Tearin' your a** to pieces, when the trigger releases,You're deceased and you got them P.D's, D.A's,
judges and polices,Peep the thesis,We gets, hot like
volcanic lava,I'm down to slide a n***** drama,Speedin' s*** up like some java,f*** a comma,It don't pause, I'm steady unloadin',Unstoppable n**** the glock goes plop-plop on that a**,And suckers steady foldin',I'm hatin' men
like the l******s,Always down for drama doin' s***
just thesbian,Only love my Mama, traumatize your a** with
the quick,Better come prepared if you try to ride or try
to diss my clique,It's goin' down n****Chorus (2x)
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