Body Count Lyrics

X-Raided in the house
loc'd like a m*********
pass the nine milli
lightin all ____ up
40's in my mouth with the lynch on my side
186 point deuce deuce gang related homicide
and all ya m************ go ask somebody bout the fool name raided bootin down doors like __
but i aint a cop
i'm a loc and shootin hollow point tips down your m************ throat
choke on my nine milli slugs
based on the fact aint no m****f***in love for your hood
i'm killing up everything im hating
and I hate yo hood so i'm premeditatin
on the way I can creep
catch fools slippin
in the deuce yall
welcome to my garden blocc
trippin like a m***********
cause i'm off a _________ (chocolate high?)
still shootin straight cause i aint that high
to where I can't blast on the B's
thinkin they can f*** with the X-Raided
cause i'm heavily intoxicated
fools i aint the one
and f*** that Eastwood
I'm Charles X-Raided Loc Bronson
here's your death wish
you shoulda known not to f*** with a n**** with a siccness
murder is my profession
i'll put your a** in the metro section
and the body count is
one dead n**** two n***** dead three
x-raided loc going 5150
while i lit'em up propa
i got'em swallowing my loaded heart stoppa pop pop
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