I Ain't Dead Yet Lyrics

it makes me wonder if you got good intentions
or if you would you really like to see me R.I.P. We used to kick it on the daily basis
G.B.C. love, now youre comin at me with this s***e s***
take it with a grain of salt
down this s*** like tequila
bitter with the sweeter
n**** got locked up, my homies [?]
didn't show me one love like e-40
I --maintain the status of a blocc g
none of you m**********'ll ever stop me
I know you mad n****
thats why you raida hatin
I just kick back while all this s*** is marinatin'
I let it all on, off then, i'ma be subtractin n*****' domes with a little bit of trigonometry now i'm rollin solo
me and the siccness, I dont need no a**itance to handle my business
n****, got the c-attention [or speakers sayin?]
b****** still hittin' even though you kept bullshittin
fakin on me, supposed to be my homie? you dont give a f*** about the X is all you show me

Open up the casket, n**** I aint dead yet
ash to ash dust to dust ain't they said yet
don't pour out your 4 O ounce
never liked St. Ides anyway,
but it's the thought that counts
Somebody tell me where my homie at
is he thinkin 'bout the raided while he sippin on the cognac
Somebody tell me where my homies at [x2]

[I can't keep, wastin my time
waitin on you, to come hoooome,
to come home]
when you're locked up your homies sayin
And time don't make a n**** think
if I was layin in the casket
where would my n**** be?
at my funeral
in the front row
or wrapped in momo
with a 4 O and a ho
thinking about meeeeee?
[Hell Nah]
I'm the last thing on your mind
and the b**** that you kickin it with was probably mine
here I am
gettin lower than the ground while you sayin
that n**** x-raided was [bad?]
all yall doin, sayin, steady
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Xorcist (1995)
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