Fee Fee Lyrics

X-Raided Loc
Never was a bright boy
Your folks got a gang prize
Maybe that's why one time's be trite
Tryin to give a young n**** 35 to life
When i aint even done nothing wrong offica
I have no info to offer ya
He asked my name, so i came off the brain
Told him i'm john doe and this is my hoe jane
He says, smart mouth n****, don't make me do ya
Put my thumbprint into this high tech computer
My name came back with a warrant
So now they got me downtown, spreading my a***
b***ocks, i'm like what the f*** is this now
They say I robbed a liquor store, they know
Where, With and How, when it's filed
Got your boy toe up from the flo up
Mom's in the courtroom
Lookin like she's 'bout to throw up
It's a strong arm robbery,
Strapped at a comission
Pre-trial Conference, D.A. got a proposition
He says you losin trial, you get 38 hella [?]opp'd
Take the deal,
he'll give me 5 with half of most of the charges dropped,
Hopped on the deal quick as a flash
I's sad, I admit that
but 2 and a half ain't bad, I got' get that
sentenced me to five, two I gotta bring,
only strike one, swing batta batta swing

one eight seven on the D.A.
he ain't tryin to give a young black n**** no leeway
yes yes, yall, 187 on the whole courtroom
m*********'em all
you better swing batta batta swing,
cause when you get your 3rd felony,
that's 50 years you gotta bring,
it's a deadly game of baseball,
so when they to pull you over,
shoot'em in the face yall.

Now fresh out, un-rehabilitated
raided doin hella good, and my p.o. hates it
hates a d***, she's a d*** l****** b****
can't wait to violate me for some petty a** s***
I gotta get a job so i'm filling applications
fighting the temptations to slang nations
minimum wage, don't get it,
5 bucks an hour, don't cut it,
raided aint wit it, f*** it
went and struck it rich on the dope sack
that homie gave me two, told me to bring him fo back
now it's time for me to start having things
got me a coupe, painted candy apple green
it gleams, clear coat sprayed on thickly
fools out to get me cause my s*** is looking sticky
i'm at the club, and i can feel them suckas scopin
I'm knowin they plottin on me but i'm still hopin'
they won't try to me, unless they wanna die
there you'll be dripping more blood
than mrs. simpson was
sho' nuff, ain't a bluff, here them suckas come
unh, spun'em around with a fat magnum round
got'em on the ground makin' funny sounds
I got a problem. Witnesses.
Ten positive I-den-tiffuh-cay-shuns
187 on the D.A.,
he ain't tryin to give a young m********* no leeway,
yes, yes, yall, one eight seven on the whole court room
m********'em all
ya betta swing, batta batta swing,
when you get your third felony,
that's 50 years you gotta bring
it's a deadly game of baseball
so when they try to pull you over,
take them on the chase yall
I'm all swole, 5 years later,
fresh out the pen, loc'd up i'm X-Raided
X-Raided Loc, ready to have me a brawl
f*** my P.O., i'm going AWOL
They all can suck my d***,
i'm sick and tired of going through all this b****made s***
Got two strikes now as we speak, and peep
I'm not gonna let ya m************ do me.
A petty with a prior'll buy ya fate
with will sendin off is you gets no date
so i'm putting my belongings over a [?ham?] bus
number 22, headed to another state, me and my crew
unpacked my s***, stacked my grip
California and P[s??] can suck this d***
If you already didn't know, you couldn't trust, b****a**, look how we did, probably crashed
you stirred death in the family's name
it's a gang war of thugs and political fame
and it's a shame, i'm the one they sayin is a monster
juvenile delinquents steppin out of sequence
f*** that, i aint goin out like punk, that
ain't my style, rip him from his a**crack to his nut sack, now
they wanna kill a n**** like me,
I blast one, blast two, strike three, yellin

One eight seven on the D.A.
He ain't tryin to give a young m*********** no leeway
Yes, Yes, yall. One eight seven on the whole courtroom
m*********'em all
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