Atomica Lyrics

It started as someone's dream
To make a better day
No one had foreseen
What the dream became
Step by step we marched ahead
Never looking back
The future is always brighter
Next to the remnants in our tracks
Stupid, ignorant little child
You always lose your way
And all the souls in heaven
Would never make your day
So cross by cross
And life to life
You plant your father's faith
And now the holy trinity
Can see your kind erased
Pledged allegiance onto war
The workers off to war
The bonded brothers under red
Sickle hammer star
Brick by brick
They built the wall
To watch it fall down
And to every brick there was a life
Scattered on the ground
This is atomica
What a monster man and his machines
The good that he could do
He save himself from himself
But he don't want to
So bolt by bolt
And chain by chain
He built his lethal thrill
And one day soon he'll have no choice
But to drink his bitter pill
This is atomica
Oh my darling little one
Well you only have learned
That all this times spent under the sun
Might as well all be burned
So on we go through bitter times
Who'll be left to mourn?
We lost ourselves, our dignity
That we worked so hard for
This is atomica
We're at a new millenia
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Serve in Silence (1999)